Monday, 27 May 2013

Toronto Restaurant Review: La Mexicana

What could be better than a secluded patio on a sunny spring day? Perhaps one that has the ability to lightly toss the warm breezes of Mexico across your face, and surprisingly located right in the heart of the bustling Bloor-Yonge area. From the outside, snuggled between unimpressive stores with soon-to-retire owners, La Mexicana doesn't look like much. But as soon as you walk in, the warm yellow walls, friendly staff and upbeat music are sure to turn up the corners of your mouth--even if just a little.

I had only been in the restaurant's main seating area before, so imagine my delight when the waitress showed me the back patio! Although the margaritas looked great, I opted for a non-alcoholic Sangría Señorial instead, which still hit the spot in a "oh look, an 'authentic' soft drink" way that no can of Coca Cola or Sprite ever could.

There are many delicious-sounding classic items on the menu, modified slightly with an agreeable Toronto touch (I mean, look at that Spring Mix salad!). But if you ever go for lunch on a weekday, the $15 prix-fixe is an amazing deal. For that price, you can get a soup of the day or salad, a choice between three mains, and a dessert. The soup that day was a fresh zucchini, which was nice and light, but by no means watered down.

The mains are a choice usually between something like enchiladas, tamalitos (pictured above), or the combo, which is usually a combination of an enchilada and a burrito and/or a quesadilla. For the kind of person who can't make up their mind (aka yours truly), it's a great thing. In fact, they are so accommodating that even for my tamalito, instead of forcing me to pick either chicken or pork, they did a little of both! FYI, they were both good.

Even as I ended that meal with a not-so-Mexican piece of carrot cake, all I could really think to myself was that life, is very good right now.

Rating: 3.5/5

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